Curso tanatopraxia sepe 2022

Certificate of professionalism thanatopraxy

In this course we will learn the application of techniques and variants that the thanatopractor must know for the correct conditioning of the deceased. Correct identification of the deceased, disinfection and cleaning tasks, a correct positioning and conditioning of the deceased, knowing different types of sutures for different uses, can mark the final result of a great job.

Knowing the products, tools, materials that we will use during the preservation of the deceased, having previous knowledge about pressures, interactions of products on certain bodies and diseases, is an indispensable task to be able to develop our work with the highest quality and professionalism.

The knowledge of the different techniques and their different applications, will mark the professionalism of the thanatopractor, in terms of his dedication and care in his work, and his experience, in terms of the knowledge of the result to choose the appropriate technique.

This is a non-regulated training and therefore the hours obtained after passing the course are computable to access the call for professional certification SANP108 (Thanatopraxy).

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Sepe make-up course

This is a non-regulated training and therefore the hours obtained after passing the course are computable to access the call for professional certification SANP108 (Tanatopraxia).

The certificates of professionalism that are regulated by the Royal Decree 34/2008, of January 18, serve as an instrument to officially accredit the professional qualifications of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications in the field of labor administration.

These certifications accredit the professional competences that will enable the personnel to develop a labor activity which can be identified in the productive system without constituting a regulation of the professional exercise.

In addition, Royal Decree 189/2013, of March 15, aims to introduce the modifications to the regulation of the certificates of professionalism in relation to the new contract for training and apprenticeship, to dual vocational training, as well as in relation to its offer and implementation and to those aspects that provide quality assurance to the system. It also standardizes the requirements for the accreditation of centers offering tele-training, as well as of their tutors-trainers, extends the participation in the training offer to private initiative centers and companies and establishes measures to favor the efficient management of this offer and to improve the monitoring of the quality in the development of the training activity.

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Sepe 2022 course

Death is part of the cycle of life. Every human being is born, lives and then dies. However, despite being an inevitable event, not all cultures perform the funeral ritual in the same way.

At the end you will have more knowledge and a professional certificate that will endorse everything you learned. Having it gives you more opportunities to work in companies or businesses with higher monthly remuneration.

After completing the thanatopraxy course, you will be able to work as an embalmer. Being a demanded profession, since as we mentioned, death is part of the life of all human beings. Making the work of embalmer as something essential in any country in the world.

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If you want to expand your professional training or improve your job opportunities, this course is for you. You only need to have interest and passion to learn about this profession, pass each module and complete it to obtain your professional certificate. Be part of the great SEPE team by enrolling and giving your best.

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